Product Overview

Digital Wireless Voice and Data Communications System

* TDMA - Time Division Multiple Access
* Full Duplex Voice - 32 kbps ADPCM for Toll Quality Voice
* Full Duplex Data
* 5 mSec Audio Frames
* Full Remote Sidetone with 10 mSec Delay
* Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum using QFAST
* Available at 915 MHz and 2.4 GHz.
* High Multipath Delay Spread Immunity

Base Station Transceiver
Portable Transceiver
Portable Transceiver (Internal)

SST-002 915 MHz Spread Spectrum 
IQ Transceiver Board (Front) Data Sheet
SST-002 915 MHz Spread Spectrum 
IQ Transceiver Board (Back)

  • Implements PSI's 

  •            QFAST™ Spread Spectrum Modem Technique. 
  • Directly Interfaces to Transceiver I/Q ports. 
  • Provides all drivers and registers to interface with 

  •            SST-00X Series Transceiver. 
  • Minimal External Support circuitry. 
  • On Chip Reference Oscillator.
  • Power Down Provisions with Sleep Timer Output. 
  • All Clock Generation and Recovery is performed on chip 

  •            (Half Duplex Synchronous Modem). 
  • Selectable Modes permit a variety of 

  •            data rates and chip-to-bit ratio options. 
  • Programmable PN generator variables.
  • Separate, Programmable Whitener Technique.
  • Low Power CMOS. 
  •  QFASTTM QFC-001 Data Sheet
    Spread Spectrum Modem ICs


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