SST001 Spread Spectrum Radio Transceiver

Circuit Card Assembly


The SST001 is a multimode Spread Spectrum Radio Transceiver Circuit Card Assembly, suitable for Frequency Hop (FH) or Direct Sequence (DS) applications. Although this transceiver can be operated in conjunction with any appropriate CMOS interface, it has been specifically optimized for operation with PSI's QFAST™ Spread Spectrum Modem IC, making it particularly well suited for high speed burst data communications. The low profile packaging has been designed specifically for portable computer peripheral applications using the PCMCIA package outline.


Operating Conditions
Parameter Min. Typ. Max. Units
DC Operating Voltage (VCC) 4.75 5.0 5.25 Volt
DC Operating Current (ICC) in Receive  65 mA
Ambient Temperature (Ta) -30 25 60 degrees C

SST001 Block Diagram

Parameter Operation outside of these limits may cause permanent damage
DC Supply Voltage (VCC) 0.0 V to + 6.0 VDC
Input Pin Voltage (VIN) -0.3 V to VDD + 0.3 V
Input Pin Current (IIN 10 mA at 25 C
Storage Temperature (TSTRG) -40 C to +85 C
Transmitter ON Time (50 % Duty Cycle) 30 seconds Max. at maximum power 
Specifications (Ta = 25 C)
Parameter Min. Typ. Max. Units Notes
Synthesizer Reference Frequency 10 40 MHz
Transmitter Power Output -5 +27 dBm 4 Levels Selectable
Transmitter In Band spurious -50 -65 dBc Unmodulated Carrier
Receiver Sensitivity -94 dBm  100 kBps Data Rate, BER 10-5
Receiver Spurious Rejection -60 dB
Receiver IF Bandwidth
Wide 9 10.5 MHz  at - 6 dB
Medium 5 5.8 MHz at - 6 dB
Narrow TBS FH only; to be specified.
Receiver Out of Band Rejection 40 50 dB fo 15 MHz
Current Drain
Standby 0.1 0.5 mA
Receive 65 75 mA
Transmit 450 500 mA at Max. Output Power.


QFAST is a Registered Trademark of PROBE Science, Inc.

FCC Type Acceptance is the responsibility of the OEM user.

Technology Licensing and Design Support for custom applications is available.