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PROBE Science, Inc. (PSI) provides high technology wireless communication products and services to industrial OEMs and government services. PSI specializes in unique products and communications techniques, with particular emphasis on Spread Spectrum, featuring high speed correlation, fast acquisition, and low power consumption.


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PSI, founded in 1989, is a privately held small business, located in Pasadena, California. Established originally as a consulting venture, PSI incorporated in 1993 and offers, in addition to design and consulting services, a number of products and proprietary techniques for utilization in wireless communications products.


Products and Applications

Products and proprietary techniques offered by PSI include:

        Applications  include, but are not limited to:


Rapid acquisition QFAST™  modem technique
       (US Patent 5,559828).
QFC-001 QFAST™  Spread Spectrum Controller IC
SST-001  PCMCIA sized 902-928 MHz Transceiver card
SSM-001 Spread Spectrum Modem Assembly
Wireless microphone system (QLPI).
High speed data demodulation technique (DMP).
Miniature microphone - preamp assemblies (MPA series)
Small sized antennas (SPA series)

Biomedical Telemetry Systems
Aircraft Wireless Intercom Systems
Wireless data communications
Digital Wireless Intercom Systems
Cordless Telephones
Wireless microphones, with or without privacy.
LPI, LPD communications systems.

Research and Development

PSI is engaged in research involving neural networks to solve signal processing problems, including automatic demodulation of Spread Spectrum signals, and threshold extension. An outgrowth of this research is the PSI developed DMP processor, which performs sequence analysis to find code generating functions. PSI provides analysis services utilizing the DMP processor.

PSI has developed a portable intercom system, using the ST001 and QFC001, which provides 3 party intercom capability at ranges up to 1500 feet.

PSI developed a QFAST™ Modem (SSM-001) to replace the Aironet 802.11 card and provide superior communications capability in high multipath environments.


PSI has considerable experience working with OEM companies, both on a contract basis and with Teaming Agreements. PSI can provide both Technical and Marketing services. Some examples of PSI experience are:



Dowty Avionics, Arcadia, CA

Technical proposals and advanced avionics systems.

Delfin Systems, San Jose, CA

Signal Acquisition and Analysis

Harris Semiconductor, Melbourne, FL

Electronic Warfare

IEE, Van Nuys, CA

Power Converter

Magellan Systems, San Dimas, CA

Differential GPS Receiver

Microsoft Corporation

Wireless Handheld Device

NORAND Corporation, Cedar Rapids, IA

Wireless Spread Spectrum RF Modem and QFAST™ Licensee

VitalCom (formerly PCI), Santa Ana, CA 

QFAST™ Technology Licensee

Hughes Aircraft Corp, Torrance, CA

Wireless Modem

Medical Research Group, Sylmar, CA

Implantable wireless controller, QFAST™ Licensee


Key Personnel


John T. Armstrong, CEO 2007 - 2013; Founder and CFO 1989 2007;

MS, Electrical Sciences; BS, Physical Chemistry: Over forty years experience in Research, Development and Engineering ranging from unique modulation and demodulation techniques for Optical and Electronic Spectroscopy to specialized HF, VHF, and UHF voice and data communications systems. Positions held have included chief Design Engineer, Project Engineer, Group Manager, Senior Scientist, Senior Staff, and Director of Advanced Technology.


Beginning in May 2013, John took on the role of CTO for Senitron a provider of retail inventory management solutions using fixed infrastructure RFID.

John D. Richert, Retired; President and CEO 1993 2007

BSEE, and Postgraduate studies in Business Management. Over forty years experience in Engineering, Engineering management and Corporate management, including VP of Engineering, Executive VP of Engineering, Vice President, and General Manager positions. Experienced in principles and practice of continuous improvement through Total Quality Management. Analysis and design expertise in RF, Digital, and Microwave communications elements, ideally suited to the "hands on" management requirements of technologically aggressive companies.


In addition to the principals listed above and their staff, PSI maintains professional association with a variety of researchers, consultants, and independent contractors, whose expertise and experience are accessed as needed.



Company Headquarters in Pasadena

PSI contact:

PO box 70048
Pasadena, CA., 91117

1(626) 695 - 7385


Fully stocked lab benches

A large inventory of Test Equipment to cover all testing needs

Modern RF and Microwave Test Equipment







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